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Why Are We Not Educated?

Have you ever thought to yourself why have I never received a talk about Menopause? Why do I have to research menopause myself and wade through so many myths and ill-informed pieces to get to the truth, when 50% of the population are affected by this issue? Why am I made to feel that this natural stage of our life will “pass”, so I need to suck it up, even when symptoms are really impacting my quality of life? If you have asked these questions you are not alone.

20% of women who go through this transition do not experience challenges or difficulties but the remaining 80% of women going through perimenopause and menopause can experience moderate to severe challenges, and 10% of those women experiencing severe menopausal symptoms will decide to give up their work as a result. This is such a loss for the woman herself but also for her employer, her family, and the wider community. At this stage of a woman’s life the skills/competence/ability she has gained are substantial and to have these assets removed from the workforce due to the impact of reducing hormone levels is quite tragic, not including the fact that this also contributes to the gender pay gap in Ireland, a point not often acknowledged.

In 2019, the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development surveyed 1,409 women experiencing menopause symptoms. 59% said that menopause was having a negative impact in the context of work and reported the following:


  • 52% said they felt less patient with clients and colleagues.

  • 58% said they experienced more stress.

  • 65% said they were less able to concentrate.

Furthermore, nearly a third said they had taken sick leave because of symptoms but only a quarter of those could be honest with their manager about the reason for their absence. Why is this the case? Surely in 2021 this is not acceptable.

If you are interested in learning more about the Menopause Maze education programme and coaching for Perimenopause and Menopause, please get in touch.

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