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"It was a very timely intervention as my self-esteem and my self-confidence had taken a downward turn. I found the whole experience enabled me to focus and highlight my strengths, not to be so hard on myself, identify and work on my weaknesses. By the end I found that my self-confidence had been restored to a point where I felt I was again effective in making a valuable contribution to the Organisation that I work with and to Society. I would highly recommend anyone to engage in this process."

"Thanks again for your time, hopefulness and for helping me really tune into my own values and value."

"I came away from the sessions with a clarity and sense of purpose and confidence to begin making positive changes in my life. I succeeded in doing things that I didn't initially believe I would be able to do! I love the practical approach that Nicky uses. Thank you, Nicky."

"I felt lost and unsure of who I was anymore. I was sad and overwhelmed. Through the 1:1 sessions with Nicola I began to see where I had control and what I could influence. I found my confidence again and made real progress on issues I'd been avoiding for years. I feel like I am now on a path to a happier, braver me."

"I attended the modules with Nicola hoping for some kind of direction out of the fog and muddle of my thinking.   Before the sessions began at all, I completed a questionnaire.  Even at this stage of the process I found the experience useful as it required me to focus and think about what I had experienced and what was important to me.  I found Nicola’s approach very beneficial. I think what was most helpful to me was factual information followed by the 1:1 sessions as this helped me get to the root of what I wanted to achieve, the space to think out loud and the soft support I received throughout the process.  As a result of this experience I feel much more confident about my choices and empowered in my ability to shape my future.  I would highly recommend it"

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