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Be Informed

I developed the Menopause Maze programme because of my own experience of perimenopause, and my professional experience of coaching women. I noticed that many of the women I see as a coach highlight challenges which they do not initially see as being linked to the menopause, but it becomes apparent quite quickly that these challenges are in fact related to their stage of life. I think this initial lack of clarity is due to inadequate education regarding menopause compounded by the insidious, variable, and very personal experience of perimenopausal symptoms. Often the woman has not linked the symptoms (physical and emotional) she is experiencing as having anything to do with declining hormones, and the realisation that hormones may be involved only takes place when the most obvious symptoms of menopause (e.g., hot flushes) appear.

My focus in this blog is to provide factual detail on Menopause, and in future blogs to provide further detail on specific issues such as sleep in menopause, exercise, vaginal atrophy, mental health, HRT, brain health, heart health, bone health etc. Some of this information might seem negative but I think to deliver information that does not acknowledge the reality of the experience of menopause for most women does not help, and my aim is to support women in their own education and in so doing for women to be empowered.

There are things we can’t change about menopause. It is going to happen to all of us but there are also things we can influence and the choices we make at this stage can have a significant impact on our future health, specifically in terms of heart, brain, and bone health. This can be a liberating and rewarding stage of life for women. We have options and we have power as long as we claim it.  


My call to women is to get informed, so that you are empowered to make informed choices and be proactive in your self-care. If we are not informed, we cannot know what we do not know, and this is fundamentally disempowering and needs to change.

If you are interested in learning more about the Menopause Maze education programme and coaching for Perimenopause and Menopause, please get in touch.

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